• COPRA began with a simple idea to share the authentic taste and nutritional benefits of extraordinary Thai fruits with the world. Chai Phonsuwan, a native Thai, first drew up a business plan while in university to export unique fruits such as mangosteen and rambutan, eventually settling on raw coconut water as the first project. After sharing his vision with a high school friend from Bangkok, Ben Minges, who was working in the beverage industry, both were struck by their common dream to create a cutting edge food and beverage company that would inspire and supplement a lifestyle that is better for both the body and the environment.

    The heart of our company is in Thailand, where Watchara Khansawadee and Vilaivan Vatanavejvijit, native Thais, manage our many operations. Watchara began dabbling in the business of coconuts in 2002 when he started importing whole coconuts to Paris while in university. Afterwards, Watchara returned to Thailand and turned around his family’s tamarind business while establishing a tamarind cooperative, staying true to his principles of social entrepreneurship. Vilaivan, who has known Chai since he was born, is a pioneer in the Thai food industry, having created the first company to export frozen Thai meals around the world 20 years ago.

    We are blessed to have a team of visionaries who have combined their expertise and passion to produce what we believe is the most soulful, authentic coconut water in the world.
  • At Copra, we represent the new wave of entrepreneurs that care not only about providing you with the most natural, healthy and sustainable products possible, but shifting society towards a lifestyle that is better for humans and the environment.
  • We struggled with the name of our brand for quite sometime. We thought of a variety of cute and catchy names, trying to find something that was trendy but we just didn't feel it was right for our brand. We began Copra to create authentic products, so we felt we needed authentic name that had a history, so we chose 'COPRA'.

    Copra is the meat found on the inside of coconuts. When Copra is dried, it can be pressed to make coconut oil and processed into other products.

    Decades ago, copra was one of the most valued commodities in Southeast Asia and the Pacific as a source of cash and traded goods but in recent years has been largely forgotten as a result of modern industrialization. It is our goal to bring back the legend of Copra in our own way - by creating cutting edge products that deserve to be sold because they are good for the mind, body and soul.


Thailand is renowned for producing the world's best tasting coconut water. Our coconuts come from a region called 'Ratchaburi' in Western Thailand where the rich soil and tropical climate offer the perfect environment for producing uniquely great tasting coconuts.
We work with farmers who produce largely pesticide-free coconuts. All our coconuts are GAP (Good Agriculture Practice) certified, which encourages vibrant, diverse ecosystems on farms through environmentally sustainable farming.
Our farmers, with generations of experience, are experts at harvesting coconuts at their peak for maximum taste and nutrition.
The sooner you bottle coconut water, the better the taste and nutrition. Our facility is located close to the plantations, allowing us to bottle our young coconut water within hours of harvesting.
We never heat, never alter and never add any preservatives to our coconut water. See if you can taste the unique scents and textures present in each bottle.

  • The Copra Initiative is a partnership formed between Copra's community enterprise, Thai coconut farmers, and the Thai Ministry of Agriculture to achieve our goal of helping farmers adopt 100% organic methods. We operate according to the principles of "sustainable living" and "self-sufficient economy", inspired by HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand, to invest in the quality of our agricultural products and the lives of our farmers.

    Above all, our goal is to ensure ethical sourcing through long-term relationships with our farmers. In exchange for quality, organic coconuts, the community enterprise guarantees a fair, stable source of income.
  • Farmers in the Copra Initiative share our vision of sustainability. In order to join the community enterprise, farmers must first achieve GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certification. GAP sets forth guidelines for producing and harvesting coconuts in a safe, hygienic and environmentally conscious way. Continued participation in the Copra Initiative includes a commitment to use only organic fertilizer and avoid any use of pesticides.
  • In order to support our farmers efforts in become organic, we:
    •    Hire agronomists to evaluate the condition of the farms' soil and water
    •    Develop achievable timelines for non-organic farms
    •    Audit certified organic farms
    •    Provide free organic fertilizer
    •    Purchase certified GAP & Organic products above market price
  • Copra's success is inseparable from the success of our farmers and suppliers. We want our farmers to take pride and ownership in the product. We ensure fair, safe, and humane working and living conditions. We also nurture a sense of shared community by hosting annual festivals and friendly competitions between coconut farms.

    Eventually, we want to invest in the wider community by sponsoring community stores, scholarships, and other programs to develop the entrepreneurial potential of Thai youth.